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In order to stop the Sprint/Nextel Communications cell phone tower from going up in the Sunset District, we need your support. Not everyone can manage the same level of involvement, but here are just some of the things you can do:

• Print out, sign and mail the form letters we prepared - the more letters received in opposition by residents, the more reason there will be to rethink the proposal.

Letter to Mayor Gavin Newsom
Letter to Planning Department
Letter to Senator Barbara Boxer
Letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein
Letter to Senator Jackie Speier
Letter to Sprint/Nextel

• Talk to your neighbors - whether you call or physically walk over to have a chat, people need to know that this will impact them, even if they don't leave their house. Radiation doesn't stop at the front door, so why should you.

• Call the Office of the Mayor. Call the media. Call Michael Smith, the Planning Department representative assigned to this proposal. Mr. Smith's number is (415) 558-6322.

• Attend the Planning Commission's meeting on June 8, 2006. This matter (Case No. 2005.0938CR) was originally scheduled to be heard on May 25, 2006, but there was a last minute request to continue it. Due to some clever maneuvering by the telephone industry, a provision was inserted in the 1996 Telecommunications Act that prevents community planning groups from rejecting cell towers on the basis of health concerns. Obviously, the provision and reliance upon it is a travesty, and we are the victims. We need to show up en masse and make our opposition known. Don't give up on citing health concerns, but you should also complain that it will be an eyesore, that it is a risk to children who may gain access to the equipment, and that it may have an impact on wildlife. Any and every issue you can think of should be raised because in the event that the proposal is approved, the failure to raise something before the Planning Commission may prevent the issue from being raised if we have to take the matter to court.

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